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Re: words are power (stop “kicking” your habits)
October 19, 2006, 1:04 am
Filed under: language and linguistics

The brilliant and thoughtful linguist and writer Dr. Suzette Haden Elgin makes a great point about word choice in the context of illness. A cancer patient is stronger than a cancer victim. Someone who is working through illness is stronger than someone who is struggling with it.

And here’s my point:
Stop “breaking, fighting, eliminating, crushing, conquering and kicking” habits. Start interacting with them. Start learning from them. Start resolving the underlying patterns and you will find that habits can be resolved too. Dissolved. Let go of.

Habits are there for a reason. They are teachers. They give clues about what is really going on.

There is a better way to learn than kicking, a better way to contentment than breaking, a better way to quiet than conquering.

I learned this the hard way too. And more than once.

So what do we do with a reality where good intentions (including mine) aren’t always enough?


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dodoud83dude00nas usual well spoken . this is my first comment on your blog bs u know i’ve read them all. (fa9’awa :P) lol la seriously i enjoy Click

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